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The elite 9-week mentoring program starting Sept 9th, 2019

Inside this immersive and transformational experience, you’ll break free from out-of-control sexual behaviors, cultivate foundational habits of self-mastery, and build a life of authentic self-confidence and inner calm.

Are you tired of hiding and covering up your porn use?

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”Having an accountability partner, somebody to teach you this, and also having a community that you can reach out to is just so good... It helps on this journey of controlling and mastering your sexual energy.”

Johnny Wayan Sullivan, Filmmaker


“My energy is way higher, my confidence is way higher, I’m getting shit done. I’m seeing more about my natural talents and abilities and how I can apply that to bettering my life and creating future career opportunities. Overall, I’m so grateful for being part of this group and for being able to work with Ermo & Jeremy.”

Shane Rabideau, Instructor

For executive leaders and high-performing entrepreneurs who are ready to break free from shame and start living with authentic self-confidence.

This group is for executive leaders and high-performing entrepreneurs who “have it all” externally, but who have been struggling with out-of-control sexual behaviors, like porn- and sex-addiction, and who are looking for a reliable and proven way to break free.

This is for those of you who know that you have yet to reach your greatest potential, and you know there’s so much more you want to offer the world. We are here to help you bring your greatness out into the light.

Your time is now!


Vulnerability, Confidentiality, and Mutual Respect

Porn and sex addiction can be the deepest secrets we hold, and so we understand that sharing about these topics with a group of men can be intimidating, if not down-right terrifying!

We designed this as a group experience specifically to help bring about the most healing possible in the shortest amount of time. We’ve seen with over 200 men we’ve worked with, that learning how to be vulnerable and how to connect with brotherhood are some of the most powerful forms of transformation.

Because of the sensitive nature of this group, we only admit the people we feel would be a good fit for the culture of our group. Confidentiality & Mutual Respect are the rules we live by. No exceptions.

Self-Mastery Foundations

Our framework is designed to help you break free from any out-of-control behavior or addiction for good.

Over the course of 9 weeks, we will cover all the aspects of moving from shame to self-mastery: conquering your addiction, letting go of shame and guilt, feeling powerful in your body, & cultivating authentic self-confidence.



  • Still struggle with porn and sex addiction and want the support and accountability to break free

  • Have a pattern of quitting and relapsing and you want this to be the last time you watch porn

  • Worry about whether you cleared your online browser history at work and you’re done living in shame and guilt

  • Want to take your career and business to the next level and are sick of wasting precious time and energy on porn and dating apps

  • Dream about having a healthy and intimate relationship with a partner that you don’t have to lie to and know that you need confidence to find success in relationships

  • Have a powerful sexual drive and want to transmute it into creative and beautiful experiences but don’t know how to get started

We’re here to help you turn those dreams into reality.




Jeremy Lipkowitz

Jeremy overcame porn addiction, shame, self-judgement, and depression in his early twenties with the help of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness not only helped him let go of destructive behaviors, it also allowed him to connect with deeper meaning and purpose in his life.

For the past 7 years Jeremy has been teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices at universities, recovery centers, and companies throughout Asia and the US. He was a fully-ordained Buddhist monk in Myanmar, and also a former Duke University scientist.

Jeremy is a Certified Teacher with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program initially developed at Google.

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Ermo Egberts

Ermo always thought that it was ‘normal’ to watch porn. Until he found out about the power of sexual energy and how easy it is to waste. Through different techniques like meditation, breathing exercises and visualizations, he overcame his porn addiction, took back control, and re-framed his self-belief.

The understanding of the power of sexual energy and transmuting it in the right direction helped him to tap into his creativity as a photo/videographer, get fit for service, and help people take back control of their lives.

Through changing his self-doubting beliefs in positive affirmations he made his dreams come true. He created his own production company with a holistic niche. Now, he helps people take back control in their lives by changing the bad habits into the good, and step in their own authority and confidence.

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It’s time to stop living the lie. Are you ready to be a man of integrity?

Don’t miss your chance to join. Spots are limited to 16 people.

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We’re so confident in your ability to break free from porn that we are willing to offer a 100% money-back guarantee! If you complete the training, and found that it wasn’t useful, we’ll refund your money back.